Tulia Spa

Tulia Spa and Wellness Centre

A Stay at Tulia is not complete without a Spa visit. Tulia Hotel blossomed from a series of regionally famous and award winning Spas across Tanzania. This expertise in offering serenity to our guests is present in all we do.

We invite you to ask your receptionist about spa and salon treatments including: Massage, Body scrubs, Facials and more.. Available at Tulia Boutique Hotel or at our many locations in Arusha.

Stress Relieving Massage

A full back massage, concentration on areas of tension including the legs.

Time duration: 30 minutes

Indian Head Massage

A relaxing scalp and shoulder Massage.

Time duration: 30 minutes

Your journey to relaxation and rejuvenation begins the moment you step into our spa. Our spa suites designed as sanctuaries with a private changing area, shower experience, steam room and treatment area

Tulia Relaxing Massage

Our signature relaxing full body massage

Time duration: 1 hour

Swedish Massage

A full body massage that concentrates on tight knots.

Time duration: 1 hour

Aroma Therapy

A gentle and relaxing massage done with the use of essential oils, customized to the clients needs.

Time duration: 1 hour


A therapy that uses the pressure points on the soles of the feet to treat the entire body. It divides that body into five zones or lines of energy and relieves tension by manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet.

Time duration: 30 minutes

Healing Holistic Massage

Full body massage incorporated with stretching movements focusing on the hands, legs and neck.

Time duration: 1 hour

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep intense massage that uses slow, deep-guided strokes and firm pressure to relieve severe tension and reach below the superficial muscles.

Time duration: 1 hour

Signature Duo Massage

This is a synchronized massage done by two therapists.

Time duration: 1 hour

Hot stone Massage

A specialty service where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands or by placing them on the body.

Time duration: 1 hour

Visit our Tulia Spa at:

Tulia Boutique Hotel and Spa

Mount Meru Hotel

Kibo Palace Hotel

Relini Shopping Center Njiro

Gran Melia Hotel

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